Decoded Pride Issue #1 (2020)

A science fiction, fantasy, and horror story-a-day anthology for Pride month

A full-color, professionally designed PDF including 30 original science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories–and comics!–by LGBTQ+ writers. This special expanded edition includes free eBook editions for almost every device, delivered via Smashwords.

Decoded Pride is an independently produced anthology of speculative queer fiction by queer creators, edited by Sara Century and S.E. Fleenor.

All thirty of these short stories and comics, which include science fiction, fantasy, and horror, have been collected in this special version for eBooks, which features powerful cover art from comic creator Jeffrey Brown and original illustrations by Sara Century. Authors include Priya Sridhar, Stephanie Burt, Rachel Gold, Emmalia Harrington, Brandon Ortega, Jalexa Schell-McCall, Maria Dong, and many more.

From a supernatural (feminist) shark to fairies who serve extremely strong drinks to dragons with dental bills, Decoded contains stories and comics that will make you think, stories that will make you laugh, and stories that will probably make you shed a few tears. Our authors explore the broadest reaches of queerness to tell the stories that matter to queer folks.

Decoded was created to focus on queer content rather than tokenizing it or allowing others to default to hiring non-queer people to tell our stories. Pride has been indecipherable from its corporate agenda for many people’s entire lifetimes. For us, creating spaces that are independently run and all our own is necessary to the survival of our communities.

Our creators write and draw stories with queer themes for queer audiences and our allies. From the cover art to the editorial team, every single creator who contributed to this project is queer, so support independent queer art and storytelling today!

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